Sims 4 Custom Content: Beginner’s Guide

Sims 4 Custom Content: Beginner’s Guide

What is custom content?

So, you’re new to the Sims community. You keep hearing people say CC and Custom Content, and you feel lost. What is custom content? Custom content, commonly known as CC, is player-made additions to the game, such as clothes, furniture, swatches, etc. Anyone can make custom content, and if you are interested in learning how to create your own CC, there are hundreds of blogs and Youtube videos! The CC possibilities for custom content are endless. Not only is it fun to find custom content that fits your style, but sometimes the CC is so good that EA (Electronic Arts, the company that owns the Sims franchise) employs CC creators to make content for the game. That’s just to say that some CC creators are good at what they do. Sometimes custom content is free to download, but most times creators charge a small fee (usually through Patreon) to get access to their entire CC portfolio. This fee is anywhere from $1 to $10 a month.

So you know what CC is…but how do you download it?

It may seem daunting at first, but downloading CC for the sims is a simple process. 

1.First, locate the CC you want to download. You can find CC on websites such as the one this blog is posted on (The Sims Resource), Pinterest, and Tumblr

2. Once you have located a piece of CC you like, follow the download instructions provided by the creator. Sometimes the download process can vary depending on the item you are trying to download. The most common download process will be something like this: the creator will link the file in their cc post, sometimes the link will say “download here”, other times it may be a .package file; Click on that file and it will begin downloading. 

3.Once you have downloaded the CC, locate the Electronic Arts folder in the Documents portion of your files. 

Electronic Arts folder

4.Click on the Electronic Arts folder and locate the Sims 4 folder, double click on it:

Sims 4 folder inside of the Electronic Arts folder

5.Inside the Sims 4 folder you will see a folder titled Mods, click on it. Here you can place that original CC file you downloaded:

Mods folder inside of the Sims 4 folder

A common issue among users who download custom content is that whenever Sims has an update, all mods are disabled. There is always a chance that the custom content can become “broken” (nonfunctional) after an update. This is why it’s important to make sure you keep your custom content organized so that you can easily take it out of your mods folder.

How do you stay organized?

Within your mods folder you can create other folders to help you organize your content. I usually like to make folders that explain the content inside, such as hair, makeup, women’s clothing, etc. This helps you to locate which CC you are looking for incase you decide you want to remove it from your game later, or if you are having issues with the CC after the game updates.

Example of mods folder organization by Kelly Pask


You are now ready to download all of the custom content you want! Just keep in mind that the more custom content you have downloaded, the slower your game will be depending on the gaming setup you are working with. As many simmers in the Sims community say, have fun CC shopping!

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