Guest Blog: Cold Water Washing: The Unknown Benefits of Washing Your Clothes on Cold

3 Reasons to Make the Switch Today

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Washing your clothes in cold water is significantly better than washing in hot/warm for a multitude of reasons. So why isn’t everyone doing it this way? The simple answer: no one knows this is the way to go. 

In a time where eco-friendly alternatives seem to pop up everywhere we look, it is important to stay up to date and continue doing all we can to save the environment. I grew up in northern Michigan with a family that thinks extensively about conservation efforts. Because of them I am always trying to learn more and teach others what I already know. I created this post in hopes of accomplishing that goal. This short blog will give three reasons as to why this easy switch not only benefits the earth, but also you.

1. Saves The Environment

The environmental reasoning for making the switch is arguably the most important. It is no secret that the environment is facing an ever growing list of negative impacts. These impacts include plastic pollution, air pollution, fossil fuel emissions and textile waste. When it comes to performing household chores, we already dread doing it so we don’t often stop to think about how it is affecting the earth. Laundry for example is one of those things so let’s discuss it.

Negatives of Hot Water Washing

  1. Around 90% of the energy used to run a load is just used to heat the water.
  2. Annually, in the USA alone, 26 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions comes from simply washing clothes

How will YOU be Impacting the Environment

These are just a few of the factors that show the significance this small turn of a dial can make. So what exactly does this mean for you? Here are some stats:

  • If you were to switch to cold you’d only be using 10% of the energy used previously.
  • Using a cold water cycle instead can reduce consumer’s emissions by over 800 pounds a year
  • Using cold water for just one year can conserve enough energy to drive 421 miles
  • 100 loads in cold = 500 pounds of reduced CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of charging 27,586 smartphones a day

To learn more about the environmental benefits head to the Cold Water Saves Website

2. Makes Clothes Last Longer

If the environment isn’t enough to convince you, think about all your favorite items in your closet that you could never imagine parting with. Using hot water is something we were all taught to use and yet it destroys the longevity of your clothes. 

Negatives of Hot Water

  • Shrinking
  • Fading colors
  • Bleeding colors
  • Wrinkles
  • Set in stains

Positives of Cold Water

  • Clothes look brand new for years
  • Less time spent ironing
  • Gentler on delicates
  • Brighter colors

Using cold takes away the questions of whether or not your clothes will survive the wash.

3. Saves You Money

Maybe the environmental impacts don’t speak to you, or even the effects on your clothing, but there is something that everyone worries about… money. Here are a few examples of how it’ll save your hard earned cash:

  • On average it costs 4 cents to wash a load on cold. Compared to 68 cents on hot!
    • This will save you $250 yearly if you are washing a load about once a day!
  • By making your clothes last longer you don’t have to make as many trips to the store to purchase more. Therefore… you save money!

These may seem like small incentives, but the savings add up quickly and also put less strain on your local power grids.

Make the switch today! By saving your clothes and hard earned money, you are also saving the environment. This small change can help save the world, but we need you to do it!

If you are interested in learning more about green laundry habits check out this website for zero waste detergent brands that all work in cold water.

Author Bio:

Hi! My name is Alayna Cook and I am a 4th year undergrad student at Grand Valley State University. I am an Advertising major with a minor in writing. Outside of academics I am a part of Ad Club, National Student Advertising Competition, and Grand Valley Dance Troupe. I grew up in an incredibly earth conscious family, so I have always done everything I could to “stay green”. I thoroughly enjoy teaching others small shifts they can implement in order to make a big difference. 

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