Guest Blog: 5 Halloween Inspired Items That Are a Must Have This Spooky Season

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For those of us who grew up counting down the days until we could put on a costume and go door to door, Halloween was the best holiday of the year. We got to show off how creative we were through what we chose to dress up as and bonded over trading our candy after a long night of trick-or-treating. But what happens when we grow up and are the ones handing out the candy instead of knocking at the door? 

As college students, we are no longer the kids going into the haunted houses – we are the ones building them. And what better way to ring in our favorite holiday than some fall and spooky décor to spice up our boring college apartments? Here are a few of my favorites, from one spooky season lover to another:

#1: Knit Pumpkins

Knit Pumpkins from Target.

Up first is the super trendy knit pumpkins. For our craftier friends, these are easy enough to DIY, or are easily available in many stores this Fall. Even better, these little cuties can stay on your shelves through Thanksgiving. Our favorites are these from Target.

#2: Welcome Mat

“Hello Pumpkin Coir Doormat” available from Coco Mats N More.

If you’re like me, you have a different welcome mat for every season and occasion. So, of course a cute greeting for your porch is next up on our list. The options are endless: from Fall pumpkins and sayings to Halloween ghosts and bats. Place it next to your favorite basket of mums and on top of a rustic printed rug and you’re good to go. You’re ready for Halloween – now your front door is too. 

#3: Paper Bats

Set of Paper Bats made by ParttimeShopDo on Etsy.

If you identify more with the spooky side of Halloween than with pumpkins and door décor, these paper bats are for you. You’ve got freedom to hang these critters in whatever way works best for your space, and can be arranged in a colony flying away together, or individually in each room for a spooky surprise around every corner. This pack on Etsy is the perfect amount to prep your house for the end of October.

#4: Glass Skull Candle Holder

Light-Up Skull Pedestal available at Bath and Body Works.

With the beginning of each Fall season comes the highly anticipated Fall candles and Fall scents. We know you already have your favorite pumpkin-scented candle burning and have two more in your cabinets so that you never run out. Why not display those proudly on this unique skull candle holder? This is the perfect subtle piece of spooky décor, and if you order from Bath and Body Works like I did, you can snag another candle at the same time.

#5: Halloween Garland

Halloween Garland available at Target.

We’re finishing off this list with another Target find: Halloween garland. This is another customizable decoration that can be used in whichever way works best for your space. Whether you hang this on the railing up the stairs across the fireplace, or above your television, this garland is just playful enough that it will remind you of your favorite days trick-or-treating as a kid. (Plus, we think this would be a great addition next to your paper bats!)

Where To Look For Inspiration

Now, I hope some of these ideas would like great in your living spaces. But I don’t blame you if some of them aren’t quite your style! If not, I suggest looking on sites like Pinterest or browsing some of the isles at Target. With just a few clicks or a short car ride you will be inspired with all sorts of other options, from a dark and scary or bright neon oranges. There is something out there for everyone!

Spooky season is already afoot – many people start decorating in the beginning of September. Whether this is your first year decorating or you’re already a seasoned professional, we hope that these suggestions inspire you to bring a bit of Halloween spirit into your home.

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  1. Elizabeth, I like that your blog post relates to what time of the year it is, and I appreciate the tips on how to decorate for Halloween. I know from experience that carving pumpkins can be a messy process, and that makes the knit pumpkins more appealing. I also like the idea of leaving glass skull candle holders around the house, and the paper bats and Halloween garland seem like the kind of decorations that you could hang on walls either inside or outside. I really appreciate your efforts to make the Halloween season fun for people who have gotten too old to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

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