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During our first week, we will talk about websites in general and will get introduced to the most important building blocks of websites: HTML and CSS.

In our second week, we will continue exploring HTML and CSS and will also learn about mobile-first and responsive design.

This week, we will talk about online content as conversation and will learn about content strategy and Content Management Systems (CMS).

In this unit, we will discuss the different research and planning activities that are necessary for creating an effective website and home page.

This week, we will focus on website usability and will explore the role that navigation and content organziation plays in this.

In this unit, we will learn about the principles and the specific procedures for testing a website, and we will set up and participate in website usability testing sessions.

This week,  we will take a closer look at writing clear and engaging headlines and headings and at selecting the most effective wording for each website’s purpose and audience.

In this unit, we will learn about strategies that can help us deliver the key messages to our audience on websites and in blogs.

This week, we will discuss why and how we can make websites’ text and illustrations accessible to all users regardless of their abilities.

This week, we will learn more about the website planning process as we add additional approaches such as journey maps and wireframes to the planning phase.

In this unit, we will examine different cultural norms and expectations, and will learn about writing, designing and editing websites for global audiences.

This week, we will discuss how applying the general principles of design such as focal point, contrast, and movement will create visually appealing websites when using design elements purposefully.

This week, we will explore how we can use stories to engage our audience on websites and on social media.

In this unit, we will discuss search engine optimization and will cover a range of strategies that can increase a website’s findability.

WRT 351

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WRT 351 Explained

This course emphasizes learning rhetorical structures best suited for writing for the web. Students practice professional writing as they learn to build web documents for community and commercial internet audiences, while covering topics such as designing with HTML/CSS, building websites with content management systems, user experience design, and search engine optimization.

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